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Glasgow Distillery Online Whisky Tasting

Delight yourself with a wonderful selection of 5 premium whiskies from the Glasgow Distillery Company

Quick Details

  • Offered each Thursday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Taste 5 premium whiskies from the Glasgow Distillery Company
  • Discover all the secrets behind the first whisky distillery in Glasgow in over 100 years
  • Enjoy an online journey across the history of an award-winning whisky
  • Online tasting via WebEx at the comfort of your home
  • Only available for UK residents
  • Private events and tastings available upon request
  • Gift an online whisky tasting
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£ 35

Glasgow Distillery: Online Whisky Tasting

Online Whisky Tasting

We are delighted to announce our most recent partnership with The Glasgow Distillery Company.

Every Thursday, join us on an online whisky tasting hosted by Once Upon a Whisky from the distillery’s newly re-furbished Tasting Room. Each week, we will be tasting a wonderful set of 5 whiskies delivered directly to your door.

The city of Glasgow, apart from being a vibrant place full of culture, music and amazing food, is also one of the central hubs for the whisky industry in Scotland. Even though The Glasgow Distillery is a relatively new player, their whiskies have become a reference for quality and craftsmanship.

Through the tasting, you can expect 75 minutes of education, culture and loads of storytelling. Our mission as a Scottish whisky tour operator is to educate all our customers about whisky through stories and facts.

Other subjects you will learn during the online whisky tasting:

  • The 6 steps you need to know for a proper whisky tasting
  • The Scotch whisky regions and their main differences in flavour
  • Differences between single malt and blended whiskies
  • How small changes in the production methods can highly influence the flavour of whisky
  • Differences between casks and how they contribute to the flavour of whisky
  • Smoky whiskies and peat
  • History and quirky facts about whisky
  • Rare whiskies, single cask and cask strength

Our goal is to educate you in all things whisky through a storytelling experience, whether for fun or because you want to learn more about this legendary drink. Our online tasting will give you all the knowledge you need to know when it comes to whisky appreciation.

About the whiskies


Since 2014, The Glasgow Distillery Company has been focused on the production of high-quality spirits. Their product portfolio is absolutely brilliant and even though they are a young distillery, their whiskies are the best proof that younger whiskies can also be of outstanding quality, putting firmly to bed the old view of ‘the older the whisky is, the better quality it is.’

As a matter of fact, the distillery has been awarded by the Scottish Whisky Awards as the Scottish Whisky Distillery of the year 2020. Quite an industry award!

Online Whisky Tasting Line-Up:

  • Malt Riot Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch whisky – The Original
  • Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Triple Distilled
  • Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Peated
  • Mystery Dram – find out on the day

Book Now, or why not purchase a gift card for a friend here.

Finally, we would like to encourage you to join our online whisky tasting along with our friends from the Glasgow Distillery Company. Not only you will learn about the whisky industry in general, but you will also have the chance to try five very different drams directly from an award-winning distillery.

Come and join us! We promise an experience full of education and valuable information you would love to learn.

Slàinte mhath!