Our dream is to ignite a desire and passion for all things Whisky within each and every one of you. We aim to do this by providing guided walking tours throughout the beautiful cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. ‘Once Upon a Whisky’ tours are based on education, culture, and responsible drinking and our ultimate aim is to make you as passionate about Whisky as we are.


Once Upon a Whisky puts a new spin on the traditional concept of whisky tours in Scotland. Here we teach you how to enjoy whisky in so many different ways. From cocktails and food to music and films, whisky connects people through a variety of passions and cultures.


We also love stories, our guided walking tours are based on a storytelling experience that focus on curious facts about the Scottish drink. In Once Upon a Whisky, we want to be different from other tour companies.  We don’t focus on the production process or how whisky is made. Our main goal is to tell a story, have fun and enjoy the journey while visiting the nicest bars in both cities.



Camilo, the founder of this project is a former whisky ambassador for William Grant & Sons. He has several years of experience in the drinks industry. Holds several degrees from prestigious institutions, including the New York Bartending School, the WSET in London and an MBA at the University of Glasgow. Camilo has travelled across Scotland, Europe, USA, and South America meeting amazing people and researching the art of whisky.


He decided to launch this project in 2017 to share his passion and knowledge of whisky with others through a unique, postmodern perspective. Showing them that whisky is much more than just an alcoholic beverage. It is a cultural lifestyle that connects people.