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Meet the Whisky Storyteller

Camilo, the founder of Once Upon a Whisky, is not only a former whisky ambassador for Glenfiddich but also an experienced professional in the whisky industry. However, his journey goes beyond his professional background. Camilo has travelled the world, met amazing people and researched the art of whisky. His passion for whisky and his unique experiences make Once Upon a Whisky a truly distinctive venture.

At Once Upon a Whisky, we firmly believe that life is much better when we share what we enjoy with others. This can range from spending quality time with family over a good Christmas dinner to celebrating small but significant achievements with friends or experiencing successful events that can positively change our lives. 

Once Upon a Whisky wants to spread joy to everyone and show the world our recipe for happiness. We believe that whisky is all about having fun, and that’s precisely how it should be.

Once Upon a Whisky was established in 2017 with a distinct and contemporary outlook on whisky. We firmly believe that whisky is not just a regular alcoholic beverage; it’s a cultural way of life that brings people together. Our focus is not exclusively on the drink itself but also on the experience, the stories, and the relationships that whisky can foster.

Ever since its founding, Once Upon a Whisky has been dedicated to sharing the love of whisky. Camilo, the founder, not only takes customers from all over the world on tours but also creates tailor-made experiences for corporate clients such as Polestar InteractiveCitizenM HotelsThe University of GlasgowVisit Scotland, and People Make Glasgow, among others.


Our Vission

Once Upon a Whisky is committed to sharing our passion for Scotch whisky through innovative and creative means. Our goal is to become the foremost company for Scotch whisky tourism. However, this is just the beginning of our aspirations. We invite you to join us on an exciting journey filled with stories, education, and plenty of excellent whisky to enjoy. We promise an unforgettable experience that you’ll want to share with others. Join us for one of our whisky experiences and discover the fun and adventure awaits!