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Connecting people, cultures, and whiskies from a different perspective

Our dream is to ignite a desire and passion for all things whisky within each one of you. We aim to do this by providing whisky tastings and guided whisky tours throughout the beautiful cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. ‘Once Upon a Whisky’ tours are based on education, culture, and responsible drinking and our aim is to make you as passionate about whisky as we are.

Once Upon a Whisky puts a new spin on the traditional concept of whisky tours in Scotland. We don’t focus on the production process or how whisky is made. Here we show you how to enjoy whisky while learning curious facts and quirky stories about the Scottish national drink. From cocktails and food to music and films, whisky connects people through a variety of passions and cultures.

A 5-Star Experience

"While in Glasgow I was looking for a tour of some kind involving whiskey. This was exactly what I was looking for! I got to go to some fabulous pubs that I probably wouldn't have otherwise discovered and was completely enlightened to whiskey. Camilo was a wonderful and very knowledgeable guide. You can tell whiskey is his passion. I learned the history, the distillation process, and difference between regions and types of whiskeys. Most important, I learned to enjoy it! Thanks again Camilo!!"

– Reviewed June, 2018

"I loved this tour, camilo has great knowledge of whiskys and takes you to the best whisky tastes in town. You get to try different blends and walk around to different restaurants, pubs and sellers tasting the whiskys of Scotland. He not only had knowledge about Scottish whisky but whiskys from around the world. Would recommend this if you want to try a few whiskys and see a bit more of Glasgow."

– Reviewed June, 2018

"Camilo was able to get my husband and I on the tour last minute and we loved it. Very informative and laid back. Perfect tour for all who want to learn and who don't even know much about whiskey. We got to see all the local spots in Glasgow as well as enjoy a proper whiskey tasting. Would highly recommend and would love to do again if we are ever back in town! We are now whiskey lovers and learned a lot. This tour helped us to fall in love with Scotland. Thanks again Camilo!"

– Reviewed June, 2018

"I booked the tour for a close friend's special birthday. Camilo conducted a quirky, interactive and informative tour. Camilo is very knowledgeable and passionate about whisky. I learned a lot! I liked that Camilo took us to 4 different pubs in style and ambience, discovering interesting back lanes and buildings along the way. A fun educational whisky experience!"

– Reviewed May, 2018

"I booked this tour at the last minute just before travelling and didn't regret it. Camilo is extremely knowledgeable about whisky and was the perfect guide. He shared a lot of fascinating information about this spirit and its Glasgow connections - I learned a lot (he was also very patient as I tried to get my head around the difference between a single malt and a blend!). I also got a taste of the West End - visiting some very nice haunts for the tasting experience that I would probably not have come across on my own."

– Reviewed May, 2018