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Once Upon a Whisky

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7 Reasons why you should book a whisky tour with us

  1. EXPERIENCE: We have been awarded by TripAdvisor as the “2020 Travellers’ Choice” for whisky tours and whisky tastings in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  2. CONVENIENT: Forget about driving. Join one of our walking whisky tours in convenient locations across Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  3. COMMUNITY: Learn how to drink whisky as locals do. Join the whisky community in Scotland, we promise loads of fun!
  4. INFORMATIVE: Our main goal is to educate all our customers in all things whisky through a storytelling experience.
  5. FRIENDSHIP: Each customer is a friend for life. Join us on social media and feel free to reach out with follow up questions or anything you think we can help you with.
  6. FLEXIBILITY AND VARIETY: Are you planning something special? Private event, corporate event, stag parties, hen parties or birthday celebrations? Contact us!
  7. EXPERTISE: Let our expert whisky ambassadors take you through the weird and wonderful world of whisky. Our main goal is to educate you, inform you and most importantly, we are here to entertain you.


Slàinte Mhaith!

A 5-Star Experience

Whisky Tour in Glasgow
Maria Camila, Argentina

This was the best experience I could’ve had in Glasgow! We went to two really nice and lively local pubs, we tried different types of whiskies and we listen to Camilo’s explanations and curious facts about whisky, and finally, we went to The Clydeside Distillery, a lovely place to understand its production process... I got very engaged with whisky culture, it’s the only spirit I want to drink from now on! I really like to find that Camilo is a real expert on the matter and I love the passion with which he gives the tour, it’s inspiring!

– Reviewed February, 2020
Whisky Tour
Christian, Germany

I joined the tour with 2 friends of mine and we just had an amazing time with Camilo. I have a basic knowledge about Whiskey but Camilo will present whiskey in a way you didn't experience it before with curiosities, facts and up-to-date news about the world of whiskey. You will try 4 different really nice and completely different drams from 4 different regions of Scotland, each of them in a different unique whiskey bar. If you are a whiskey enthusiast this tour is a must-have-done if you are visiting Glasgow. If you're not, Camilo will make you one with his passion for the "water of life" :)

– Reviewed December, 2019
Whisky Tour in Edinburgh
Clemence, France

What a delightful journey through the senses! I attended Once upon a Whisky event with a few friends last December. We had an incredible evening exploring different kinds of whiskies from all over the world and learning all about the complexities of taste through stories, films and maps. The different whiskies were paired with sushi and not only the pairing was absolutely delicious, it really taught me about the infinite possibilities between food and drink that exist when you open your mind to it. Camilo is extremely knowledgable and teaches you by ways of storytelling, which really takes the experience to the next level.

– Reviewed February, 2020
Daria, Russia

Great idea to spend your evening. I’m not a fan of whisky and drinking at all, to be honest, but I am a fan of the atmosphere of sincere and frank communication arising in a friendly company! This whisky tour is really good managed, all aspects are elaborated. First, you are told a story of the drink, a process of its creation, special features, then offered to smell and taste. Also, I was very lucky to win a bottle of whisky. Thanks, Camilo, for this interesting tour!

– Reviewed February, 2020
Whisky Tour
Charlie, Colombia

I'm a whisky amateur and this tour was perfect to learn more about this epic Scottish drink while wandering through some whisky bars in Glasgow. I expanded my knowledge on whisky, on how to drink it, the history surrounding it and learnt interesting facts I didn't know about, for example, music and movies that have been influenced by whisky. Camilo, the tour guide, is very professional, helpful and has extensive knowledge and understanding of whisky. I recommend this tour for anyone regardless of their whisky knowledge!

– Reviewed January, 2020
Whisky Tour near me
Steffi, Scotland

A fantastic day out with an extremely lovely and knowledgeable host Camilo made the tour entertaining and made sure to spend time with each individual in our wee group whisky drama were all fabulous with the Bowmore being my personal favourite fabulous birthday gift for my partner and stepdad my brother and I decided to take part in the treat and it did not disappoint think I will book another before Xmas it was that good! the boys will be seeing Camilo again before 2018 is out I think!

– Reviewed October, 2019
Whisky Tour in Glasgow
Rita, USA

My friends and I went on this tour on our last night in Glasgow. Two of them are not whisky drinkers, but you do not have to love whisky to enjoy the tour. Camilo was so informative and his knowledge of Scotch and whisky selections were unbelievable. We tasted whiskies from different regions in Scotland and Camilo took the time to talk about each one. He also taught us how to properly taste the whisky and identify a flavour profile. All in all, this was probably one of my favourite tours in Glasgow. I definitely recommend it to whisky lovers and anyone who wants to learn about Scottish whisky origins. I left the tour with a lot of new information. Thanks, Camilo!

– Reviewed July , 2019
Whisky Tour
lukáš, Czech Republic

In one word, amazing. I had such a great time on this tour. You will definitely learn a lot about whisky here, and it does not really matter if you have some previous knowledge or not. Camilo will clear and explain everything you want to know, and as a bonus, he will add some curiosities and tell you the state-of-the-art things from current whisky industry. You will discover 4 important whisky bars in Glasgow West End, which every one of them has its own story, and try some astonishing whisky. In my opinion, this tour is definitely worth your time and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to sample great Scottish drams and ends up with better knowledge of whisky and Glasgow itself.

– Reviewed November, 2019
Whisky Tours
Elisa, Italy

Given that I have lived in Scotland for almost two years, last August I brought my parents, who came to visit me, for the first time to discover Edinburgh. Among the many activities available, we decided to take an afternoon to discover Scotch whisky by booking the tour with Once Upon a Whisky. The choice was great! Our guide, Camilo, delighted us with many curiosities about Scotch whisky, talking about the different qualities, regions and organoleptic characteristics. Without ever falling into the trivial. If you happen to be in Edinburgh or Glasgow, it is an experience that I highly recommend.

– Reviewed August, 2020