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Whisky Distillery Tour (Day Trip)

Come and discover the best whisky in the world directly from the source

Quick Details

  • Visit 2 or 3 different whisky distilleries in one day
  • Learn everything about the process and heritage of whisky in Scotland
  • Enjoy the Scottish scenery while travelling from distillery to distillery
  • Taste several whiskies among the different distilleries
  • Only available for groups and under request
  • Tours depart from Glasgow
  • Contact us to request a tour

Whisky Distillery Tour

Discover two or three fascinating whisky distilleries in Scotland with our day trip distillery tour. Choose between Auchentoshan, Glengoyne or Deanston. During this whisky tour, you will have the chance, not only to learn everything about whisky and its production process from different distilleries but you will also have the chance to admire the beautiful Scottish landscape that is in between.

We can deliver this tour according to your needs or budget. We can offer you from the basic tour at each distillery to more complete experiences such as chocolate and whisky pairing, warehouse tours, masterclasses, heritage tours, and more!

The following distilleries are some of the distilleries near Glasgow that we have worked in the past. However, if you have in mind a different distillery from the list below, please, let us know. We will be more than happy to accommodate the tour according to your request.

Auchentoshan Distillery

Whisky Distillery Tour

Located just outside the Glasgow area, Auchentoshan has been for centuries one of the most important whisky institutions in the city. Famous for its less than conventional approach to whisky making due to their triple distillation process which it is not common at all anywhere in Scotland. Auchentoshan is a good example of innovation in a very traditional industry.

At Auchentoshan we recommend the standard tour. This tour will take you across the whole production process highlighting their triple distillation. At the end of the tour, you will be able to taste one Auchentoshan single malt whisky plus their signature cocktail. A fantastic combination of single malt whisky and Scottish beer.

Glengoyne Distillery

Glasgow Distillery Tour

A whisky distillery continuously in operation since its founding in 1833 at Dumgoyne, north of Glasgow, Scotland. Glengoyne is unique in producing Highland single malt whisky matured in the Lowlands region. Located upon the Highland Line, the division between the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, Glengoyne’s stills are in the Highlands while maturing casks of whisky rest across the road in the Lowlands. Unlike many malt whisky distilleries in the western islands, Glengoyne does not use peat in the production process. On the contrary, is a very delicate and easy whisky to drink. Its 18-year-old expression is highly recommended.

At Glengoyne, we recommend the premium tour. A fantastic experience that will take you across the whole production process plus a premium whisky tasting at the end of the tour highlighting

  • Glengoyne 12yo
  • Glengoyne 18yo
  • Glengoyne 21yo
  • And a fantastic cask strength single malt whisky

These whiskies have higher alcohol strength but no doubt one of the very best whiskies you will be able to try during your visit to Scotland. A shot worth a try.

Deanston Distillery

Glasgow Distillery Tour

Located in the Highlands region, but still pretty close to Glasgow. Deanston is opposite of Auchentoshan. They are very traditional and true representatives of the Scottish heritage at its best. They used to be a cotton mill back in the 18th century, but now is home to one of the best single malt whiskies in Scotland.

Besides being one of the most historic distilleries in Scotland. Deanston is well known for its wonderful, fresh, honeyed sweetness and also for using a traditional, hand-crafted approach within its production process. The distillery is located in a small village 40 minutes up north of Glasgow. A place full of history, and a good example of the very best of the Scottish heritage. Today, they produce a perfectly balanced and smooth single malt whisky with the best local ingredients available in the region. Deanston is also famous for its appearance in the award-winning Scottish film “The Angel’s Share“.

At Deanston we recommend

  • The warehouse experience where you will be able to drink whisky directly from the cask or
  • The chocolate and whisky tour where you will have the opportunity to pair 4 Deanston expressions with four delicious chocolate truffles.

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