Whisky Distillery Tour

Come and discover the best whisky in the world directly from the source

Quick Details

  • Visit 2 or 3 different whisky distilleries in one day
  • Learn everything about the process and heritage of whisky in Scotland
  • Enjoy the Scottish scenery while travelling from distillery to distillery
  • Taste several whiskies among the different distilleries
  • Only available for groups and under request
  • Tours depart from Glasgow
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Whisky Distillery Tour

Discover two or three fascinating whisky distilleries in Scotland with our day trip to distilleries near Glasgow. Choose between The Glasgow Distillery Company, Auchentoshan, Glengoyne or Deanston. In our whisky distillery tour, you will have the chance, not only to learn everything about whisky and its production process from two or three totally different distilleries but you will also have the chance to admire the beautiful Scottish landscape that is in between.

We can deliver this tour according to your needs or budget. We can offer you from the basic tour at each distillery to more complete experiences such as chocolate and whisky pairing, warehouse tours, masterclasses, heritage tours, whiskies straight from the casks, bottle your own whisky, private tours and more!

Contact us and let us know how can we help.

Glasgow Distillery Company

The first single malt whisky distillery in Glasgow in 110 years. Founded in 2014 and drawing on the pioneering spirit of Scotland’s first licensed distillers, The Glasgow Distillery Company takes its name from one of Glasgow’s original distilleries. Founded at Dundashill in 1770, the distillery was known, for a time, as The Glasgow Distillery Company and remained active until the beginning of the 20th Century.

Auchentoshan Distillery

Located in the Lowland region, famous for being part of the beautiful city of Glasgow. Auchentoshan is well known for its less than conventional approach to whisky making, and its triple distillation process. They are innovative, trendsetters and always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from other distillers.

It’s proximity to Glasgow, make this whisky something very different among other distilleries in the region. Not only for its unique production process but also because it has an indisputable urban style which complements Glasgow’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and progressive thinking. An absolutely unique whisky born and rise in the city.

Glengoyne Distillery

Is a whisky distillery continuously in operation since its founding in 1833 at Dumgoyne, north of Glasgow, Scotland. Glengoyne is unique in producing Highland single malt whisky matured in the Lowlands. Located upon the Highland Line, the division between the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, Glengoyne’s stills are in the Highlands while maturing casks of whisky rest across the road in the Lowlands. Unlike many malt whisky distilleries today, Glengoyne does not use peat smoke to dry their barley but instead uses warm air.

Deanston Distillery

Our second stop is at Deanston Distillery, located in the Highland region, but still pretty close to Glasgow. Deanston is opposite to Auchentoshan. They are very traditional and true representatives of the Scottish heritage at its best. They used to be a cotton mill back in the 18th century, but now is home to one of the best single malt whiskies in Scotland.

Besides being one of the most historic distilleries in Scotland. Deanston is well known for its wonderful, fresh, honeyed sweetness and also for using a traditional, hand-crafted approach within its production process. The distillery is located in a small village 40 minutes up north of Glasgow. A place full of history and definitely a good example of the very best of the Scottish heritage. Today, they produce a perfectly balanced and smooth single malt whisky with the best local ingredients available in the region. Deanston is also famous for its appearance in the award-winning Scottish film “The Angel’s Share“.

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