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8 of the Best Whisky Festivals in Scotland

That Boutique-y-whisky Company at the Glasgow Whisky Festival

It’s a new year, which means there are plenty of new whisky festivals to attend. As is tradition, we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the best whisky festivals in Scotland in 2024. Whether you prefer big or small events, if you love whisky and everything it represents, be sure to check out one or more of the festivals listed below; as fellow whisky enthusiasts, we’ve attended some of these festivals in the past and can assure you that they are nothing but fun.

Come and join other whisky enthusiasts at various festivals where you can meet the makers of your favourite brands, distilleries, bottlers, and whisky authors. These festivals are not just about drinking but also an excellent representation of Scottish culture. There will be music, food, artists, and, of course, the people who make everything possible. Additionally, you can also discover other craft Scottish products like gins, rums, beers, and more, just in case you have a friend who doesn’t like whisky.

I understand that you may not have sufficient time or interest to attend all of them; however, if you find the following list useful, kindly share it with your friends and family. This list is designed to assist you in recalling some of Scotland’s most exhilarating cultural events taking place this year.

So, let’s begin!

1) Scottish National Whisky Festival (2024)

A group of people at the Scottish National Whisky Festival

Photo Credit: Scottish National Whisky Festival

The Scottish National Whisky Festival celebrates the historical relationship between Whisky and Celtic music culture. It is a collaborative effort with distilleries, brands and people that allows attendees to deeply explore the modern world of spirits and live music. The festival has increased from a single whisky-tasting event into a popular series of exhibitions in numerous cities across Scotland. Guests can expect to taste an array of spirits from around the globe and meet the personalities behind them, all while immersing themselves in modern Celtic culture and music.

Where does the Scottish National Whisky Festival take place?

  • Glasgow Edition – Saturday 27th Jan 2024 at the SWG3
  • Inverness Edition – Saturday, 29th June 2024, at Inverness Eden Court
  • Aberdeen Edition – Saturday, 14th September 2024, at Aberdeen Music Hall
  • Edinburgh Edition – Saturday, 26th October 2024, at The Biscuit Factory in Leith
  • Glasgow Edition – Saturday 25th Jan 2025 at the SWG3
  • Tickets and info:

2) Fife Whisky Festival (1st – 3rd March 2024)

The Fife Whisky Festival has been going from strength to strength, with guest distillers from all over Scotland gathering at the main event at The Corn Exchange in Cupar. Other events, such as the opening Dinner, occur at Lindores Abbey Distillery, which could be a great opportunity if you haven’t visited them yet. It’s a great way to transition from winter and ease into spring with some lovely drams.

The list of exhibitors for the upcoming events in 2024 has already been announced, and it looks both attractive and intriguing. It’s definitely a not-to-be-missed event. Some of the presenters that we are particularly curious about this year are Ardgowan, Isle of Raasay Distillery, Daftmill, and Fragrant Drops.

Where does the Fife Whisky Festival take place?

  • Opening Dinner 1st March 2024, Lindores Abbey Distillery, Newburgh, Fife
  • Main Festival, 2nd March 2024, Corn Exchange, Cupar, Fife
  • Sunday Sessions, 3rd March 2024, Corn Exchange, Cupar, Fife + Aberargie, Perth
  • Tickets and Info:

3) Spirit of Speyside (1st – 6th May 2024)

A hand holding a glass of whisky at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival

Photo Credit: Spirit of Speyside

The Spirit of Speyside festival is one of the most significant events in the whisky world. It takes place in a whisky-making region with over fifty distilleries, which has happened since 1999. The festival consists of more than 700 events that span six days. You can look forward to attending exciting masterclasses, tastings, and tours of distilleries typically closed to the public.

During six days, exhibitors will be pleased to welcome guests worldwide to explore distilleries, drink extraordinary whisky and enjoy breathtaking landscapes. The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, held in May, offers a wide range of events, from tastings to tours, masterclasses, and more in-depth activities with knowledgeable personalities. It also includes the Spirit of Speyside Whisky School and Whisky Awards.

Where does the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival take place?

4) Campbeltown Malts Festival (20th – 25th May 2024)

A view of a Campbeltown

Photo Credit: Springbank

Take four amazing days to explore and indulge in the offerings of Campbeltown distilleries. Springbank, Glen Scotia and Kilkerran/Cadenheads will all host their open days with local food, music, and crafts celebrations. There will be loads of fringe events around the distilleries as well. Most things are within walking distance, making tasting a few great drams convenient!

This is one of the most highly anticipated and sought-after whisky festivals held each year. It is often referred to as the whisky Mecca, where you can have the opportunity to meet and interact face-to-face with fantastic Scotch whisky producers from legendary distilleries, including Springbank and Glen Scotia. Although considered small compared to events like the Spirit of Speyside or Feis Ile, it is undoubtedly one of the most cherished events by whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Despite the limited number of distilleries, you might think there’s little to see here, but don’t let other greedy whisky enthusiasts fool you. The Campbeltown Malts Festival displays various activities and flavours, not to mention the personalities, whisky writers and other honorific guests. If you are fortunate enough to live in Scotland or are planning a trip in May, be sure to include this festival in your plans. Trust me, you will have a Scotch Whisky experience of a lifetime.

Tickets are sold independently by the participant distilleries, so start following Glen Scotia, Springbank and Kilkerran social media accounts and be prepared for when the tickets are on sale since you will probably have a couple of minutes to buy before they sell out!

Where does the Campbeltown Malts Festival take place?

  • Several locations across Campbeltown – 20th – 25th May 2024
  • Tickets and Info: Springbank (Tickets available to purchase via Eventbrite)
  • Tickets and Info: Glen Scotia

5) Fèis Ìle – Islay whisky Festival (24th May – 01st June 2024)


Fèis Ìle is one of the oldest events on our list. It originated in the 1980s as a cultural festival that showcased local talent and crafts. As Islay has nine distilleries (with more in the pipeline), the festival had to include whisky. Today, the festival is a dream come true for whisky lovers worldwide, and it’s an experience not to be missed. The island’s sheer beauty offers the perfect landscape for a week of fantastic whisky events, incredible food, live music, ceilidhs, and, most importantly, whisky camaraderie. Fèis Ìle is an excellent opportunity to share stories, meet new like-minded people, raise a dram, and be merry on the beautiful Islay.

Whether you’re drawn to Islay by the whisky or the festival atmosphere, you will be fascinated by the tastings, tours, beaches, walks, ceilidhs, sunsets, and sunrises.

You might go for the whisky, but you will surely go back for the island.

PS: As this is a highly popular event, it is recommended that you make advance bookings for accommodation, ferries, and event tickets. However, even if you prefer a more spontaneous approach and wish to arrive with a tent, you can still enjoy the lively atmosphere and friendly people. There will be plenty of whisky and good vibes for everyone!

Where does Fèis Ìle take place?

  • Several locations across the Isle of Islay and Jura – 24th May – 01st June 2024 
  • Tickets and Info:  (Tickets are expected to be released in February 2024)

6) Edinburgh Whisky Festival (Saturday 15th June 2024)

The Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh is the perfect location for the city’s whisky festival. This event takes place over one day and offers a wide variety of incredible drams from Scotland and worldwide. Despite the high quality of the samples, the festival is very welcoming and less overwhelming than other whisky events. If you are in Edinburgh or nearby, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss, as it is both easily accessible and easy to navigate.

Where does The Edinburgh Whisky Festival take place?

7) Dornoch Whisky Festival (25th – 27th October 2024)

If you’re a history buff who enjoys a picturesque castle setting, you won’t want to miss this weekend-long festival. The festival takes place in the charming historic village of Dornoch and is held in the atmospheric premises of Dornoch Castle Hotel. The hotel is also home to an award-winning whisky bar owned by the Thompson family for over 20 years. The new generation of the family has set up a distillery right next to the hotel, making it an even more exciting destination. The festival includes blind tastings, interesting bottlings, and food, making it a significant event in the northern region.

Where does The Dornoch Whisky Festival take place?

  • Several locations across the village of Dornoch and the Dornoch Castle Hotel – 25th – 27th October 2024
  • Tickets and Info:

8) Glasgow’s Whisky Festival (9th November 2024)


Glasgow’s Whisky Festival is one of the most significant whisky events in the UK. It has become a symbol of the city, where not only distilleries but everyone involved in the whisky industry showcase their latest achievements. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover incredible drams and industry players you might have yet to hear of, as distilleries from all five whisky regions, whisky blenders, and independent bottlers often fly under the radar.

We highly recommend attending this festival if you plan to visit Glasgow in November. Tickets will be available for purchase around May. Be sure to set your alarms for that day and secure your tickets, as the festival only occurs once a year. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

Here is a short video we shot on the 2023 festival edition. Enjoy it!

Where does The Glasgow’s Whisky Festival take place?

If you happen to visit Glasgow or Edinburgh at any time of the year, please remember that we operate our tours throughout the year. Even if you can’t attend any of the festivals mentioned earlier, you are still welcome to join us for some fantastic Scotch whisky.