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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022


Hey everyone! Father’s Day is almost upon us (on June 19 this year, do not forget!) and we know you will all be looking for some original ways to celebrate the fathers in your life. So, we thought of a few great gift ideas for the whisky-loving dads around the world.

A great whisky bottle



Of course, one of the best gifts for any whisky lover will be a bottle of one of his favourite drams. You can go classic and restock them off a whisky they love, or do some research and try out some alternatives that are similar to the palate of the person.

Are you looking for something new and different? Here you can find some inspiration about some great new whisky categories worth trying out!

A tasting set and whisky tasting at home


Not too sure about getting just one bottle? Then why not look for some of the amazing tasting sets available around? Many come directly from distilleries, independent bottlers or subscription clubs. This way you will gift a tasting experience to sip and cherish in their own time. And maybe this can open the doors to discovering new whiskies. Intrigued? Then why not check out our brand new whisky tasting pack? It is also integrated with a QR code that gives you access to a virtual tasting that you and your dad can enjoy at home. A very tasty experience that you can share with dad.

A whisky tour/distillery tour


Do you want the real deal, a taste-buds-on experience for the whisky-curious father? Then a whisky tour in a distillery or across some amazing whisky places is all you need! Find the nearest one to you or make it an excuse to get on a wonderful whisky trip. At Once Upon a Whisky, we specialise in whisky tours around Glasgow and Edinburgh, but we have recently launched a series of incredible distillery trips that will take you to the best whisky spots across Scotland. There is one tour for every taste!

Whisky Books


For anyone who wants to learn more about whisky, there is a great book waiting to be flicked through and absorbed, and they can make a great companion at home or on the go (some are legit fancy books that can inform and add a classy touch to a coffee table or a shelf). Find some of our favourite whisky books here. Other great ones are Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert by Davin De Kergommeaux. Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey by Fred Minnick.

Another similar idea could be also a subscription to a good whisky magazine or an annual publication like the Malt Whisky Yearbook.

A cool poster/wall hangings


Are you looking for a present for someone who loves both whiskies and movies? Or someone who likes to have smart decor on their walls. Then whisky posters can be an original and cool gift idea! From whisky flavour maps to tasting steps, as well as a movie-inspired collection, have a look at our own unique and original whisky poster collection.

The right glass

Spirit of the north festival

Picture: VisitScotland

Whisky is something that can be enjoyed in containers of every shape or form, however, the right glass can take the tasting experience to another level! Look out for a Glencairn glass for the classic whisky tasting option (the shape is wide at the bottom and smaller at the top to concentrate all the wonderful aromas from the whisky) – some versions are bigger, making space for an extra ice cube, or smaller, for the lovers of a cheeky nightcap.

Copitas are also wonderful options for an in-depth tasting experience. However, if your person is more of an Old Fashioned or on-the-rocks fan, get a set of tumblers and you can’t go wrong. Cocktail lover? Highball glasses or some other creative shapes are all you need!

 Hip Flask


A classic tool for the whisky lover who likes to travel, hike mountains, camp, and have always a sip of liquid sunshine with them. There are so many to choose from – from personalised and funny options to elegant designs wrapped in tweed and leather (always worth checking the quality of the product so that a lower standard inner part doesn’t ruin the pleasure of a great dram.)

Not sure? Gift cards are your friends


If you haven’t made up your mind yet or you want to leave space for a decision to the person you are giving your gift to, then why not get them a gift card? This will allow them to choose what they like the most and make sure that the present will not be recycled on another occasion! We have a selection of gift cards available for virtual tastings and walking tours, which can accommodate different pockets.

We hope you’ll find some good inspiration and ideas here – for more, follow us on our social media to learn more about the magic world of whisky.

Slàinte Mhaith!


Federica Stefani
Whisky Writer & Jornalist