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Glasgow Whisky and Food Pairing Experience

Join us on a whisky and food pairing experience that offers an extraordinary adventure of Scottish flavours.

Quick Details

  • Expert guidance in the art of whisky and food pairing
  • Discover the taste of Scotland on an experience that highlights 100% Scottish cuisine and fantastic single malt whiskies.
  • Expect unique and innovative pairings of whisky and food that complement and enhance each other’s flavours.
  • Allow yourself to discover fantastic whiskies and learn how to pair them with various Scottish dishes.
  • Enjoy the experience in a comfortable, intimate atmosphere—the perfect setting for a whisky and food pairing event.
  • A memorable experience that will leave you with a greater appreciation of the art of whisky and food pairing.
  • Experience available only for groups of 4 people or more
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Scottish Food offered during a whisky tasting and food pairing in Glasgow

Scottish Food – Credit: VisitScotland/Luigi Di Pasquale

Embark on a sophisticated culinary journey through the heart of Glasgow’s West End with an exclusive whisky and food pairing experience. Start by immersing yourself in the world of premium whiskies and exploring new and unique Scottish flavour combinations.

Experience an unforgettable gastronomic journey with expert guidance, where carefully selected whiskies and dishes complement each other perfectly. Sample peaty Islay whiskeys or smooth and fruity Speyside malts, each paired with delicious dishes that showcase the region’s unique flavours and culinary traditions.

During the whisky and food pairing experience, you will be accompanied by an expert whisky ambassador. The ambassador will guide you through the city’s history, culture, and the art of whisky making and food pairing. The event will be held at one of our associated Scottish restaurants, where you can indulge in a delightful culinary experience.

Sample Menu

Scottish Haggis offered during a whisky tasting and food pairing in Glasgow

Haggis – Credit/ IHG Hotels

Please note that the menu below is for reference only. Upon request, we will finalise the details with you, including any dietary requirements.

  • Timbale of Haggis, Neeps & Tatties with a whisky cream sauce – Paired with a single malt whisky from the Western Hebrides
  • Highland-cured smoked salmon with dill cream fraiche and pickled cucumber – Paired with a lightly peated single malt whisky from Islay
  • Venison loin with rosemary dauphinoise Heritage baby carrots and a Blackberry highland jus – Paired with a Speyside sherried single malt whisky.
  • Chocolate and whisky Mousse with Scottish Raspberries – Paired with a sweet and fruity single malt whisky from the Highland region.

Other whisky and food pairing combinations you might taste during the experience: 

We promise to provide unforgettable pairings that will take your palate on a journey like no other. While the dishes and whiskies constantly evolve, each pairing offers a unique and delicious experience. From sweet and smoky to bold and spiced, here are some of the top flavour combinations you might taste during the experience:

  1. Lighter, fruitier Scotch whisky, such as the Lowlanders or the southern Highlands, pairs well with seafood dishes such as grilled or baked fish.
  2. Rich, full-bodied Scotch whisky, such as whiskies from Campbeltown, the Western Highlands or Islands, pair well with hearty dishes such as steak or game meat.
  3. Sherry cask-aged Scotch whisky from Speyside or the eastern Highlands pairs well with dessert dishes such as chocolate, ice cream or fruit-based desserts.
  4. Lightly smoky whiskies pair well with smoked meats such as salmon or duck.
  5. Heavily peated whiskies from Islay are recommended to pair with strong cheeses such as blue cheese or matured cheddar, smoked meat and charcuterie.

What else are you going to learn?

Scottish Chocolate Truffles offered during a whisky tasting and chocolate pairing in Glasgow

Scottish Chocolate Truffles – Credit: VisitScotland/PRImaging

  • Learn about the history and culture of Scottish whisky-making and food traditions.
  • Discover the unique and diverse flavour profiles of different whisky types and regions.
  • Understand the art of pairing whiskies with food and how the two can enhance each other’s flavours.
  • Develop a heightened appreciation for whiskies and food’s complex aromas, tastes, and textures.
  • Gain insight into the production process of Scottish whisky, from malting to maturation.
  • Understand the influence of terroir and climate when it comes to flavour creation in whisky.
  • Acquire tips on identifying and appreciating the characteristics of a good whisky.
  • Enjoy a memorable culinary experience combining delicious food, fine whiskies, and Scottish hospitality.

So take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your dining experience, and request your whisky and food pairing tour today!

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