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Easter Whisky Tasting and Chocolate Pairing

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Easter Whisky Tasting and Chocolate Pairing


Easter Whisky Tasting and Chocolate Pairing

One of the best things about tasting whisky is indulging in the different layers and flavours that so marvellously develop in our drams.

It’s a mindful yet voluptuous exercise of the senses, which ultimately becomes a delightful treat.

Why not double the fun and enjoyment by pairing up your whiskies with the other, quintessential treat – chocolate?

There is a world of possibilities in combining the two delicacies, and there is joy aplenty and entertainment to be found in mixing, matching, experimenting and finding new great combinations to give our taste buds a good party.

With Easter approaching and a lot of chocolate in the air, we thought we’d share some pairing ideas to help you get started on this flavour discovery journey.

Fresh & Fruity and white chocolate


Foto: Glasgow Distillery Company

The creaminess and sweetness of white chocolate pairs wonderfully with a whisky that can enhance its sugary aspect whilst cutting through its buttery richness and giving a more balanced flavour.

Try: Glasgow Distillery The Original 1770 with white honeycomb truffles

Smooth & Complex and raspberry & dark chocolate

A silky, balanced and layered whisky that presents some delicately sweet notes and other fresher flavours such as orchard fruits would instead pair very nicely with an elegant mix of dark chocolate and raspberry (or other forest fruits!): this mix of acidity and sweetness will give the notes in your dram an exceptional boost.

Try: Glasgow Distillery 1770 Triple Distilled and raspberry & dark chocolate teacakes

 Peaty & Coastal and salted caramel milk chocolate


Foto: Diageo

 The waves of the oceans that we are recalled of in certain maritime and smoky whiskies, will find a new dimension when paired with either a very thick and dark chocolate or a salted caramel chocolate bar. Whilst the caramel will smooth out the fierce smoke and iodine, the salt will tune in very nicely with the seaweedy notes.

 Try: Talisker Storm with Salted caramel chocolate homemade bars

 Sweet & Spicy with 85% dark chocolate

 If you have a sweet tooth and want to find the full flavours of a rich Christmas cake in your whisky, with plenty of syrupy dried fruits and a lovely prickly spiciness already in the mix, why not try and pick a high-quality concentrate of dark chocolate? The richness, mouth-coating feeling of a really good and pure chocolate bar (anything over 75%) will marry the round elements of the whisky and will very simply give you a shiver of delight.

Try: Aberlour A’bunadh with 85% dark chocolate bar from small-batch chocolatier

 Rich & Smoky and chilli dark chocolate


Foto: Glasgow Distillery Company

If you like the smoke to match a rich, dried fruit sweetness in your whisky, why not add a kick to it by pairing it with a touch of spice?

A smoky yet sweet dram will go marvellously with chilly chocolate, and you’ll soon be too busy and lost in this swirl of senses.

Try: Glasgow Distillery 1770 Rich & Smoky with chilly chocolate clusters 

Have we left you with a craving for something sweet or do you fancy trying a guided pairing in good company with loads of stories? Then you can join our Special Easter Virtual Tasting with delicious drams from Glasgow Distillery Company and scrumptious hand-crafted chocolates by Glasgow-based Sugarsnap Chocolates.