How to taste Whisky?

Whisky Tasting Steps

How to taste whisky? The full guide for its enjoyment and appreciation. The following guide has been designed to help you taste and enjoy whisky. It does not matter if you have preferences for Scotch, Bourbon, Irish, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indian or Tasmanian. Our main goal is to give you useful information in the art of…

On the whisky trail in Edinburgh

Whisky in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, a historical place full of culture and whisky. Over the centuries, Edinburgh has become renowned for its intellectual and scientific achievements. Yet, the Athens of the north, as it is affectionately known, has played an equally significant role in transforming Scotch whisky into the global brand we know and love today. In the mid-nineteenth…

Where to Drink WHISKY in Glasgow


Glasgow, a fantastic place for whisky appreciation and enjoyment. You might have heard about the industrial history of the city, a famous place for shipbuilding and the hub for merchants and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Back in the 19th century, Glasgow was well known as the second most important city of the British empire and…