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Top 5 Whisky Books to celebrate World Book Day 2022


Our Top 5 Whisky Books to celebrate World Book Day 2022

It is a core belief for us that one of the best things about whisky (well, taste and aroma aside) is learning about it – how it’s made and the stories behind it. With World Book Day happening a few days ago, we had a look at our own shelves and decided to share some of the whisky books we’ve loved the most.

The Way of Whisky: A Journey Around Japanese Whisky


The Way of Whisky – Picture: Federica Stefani

By Dave Broom

If you are into Japanese whisky or want to learn more about it, this book is for you. But there is more about it than just a mere presentation of this rising whisky market: it is full of personal insights, thoughts, and very much brings you on a slow, attentive and fascinating journey in Japan. Beautifully written and presented, this is a very immersive experience of distilling in Japan.

The Curious Bartender: An Odyssey of Malt, Bourbon & Rye Whiskies


The Curious Bartender: An Odyssey of Malt, Bourbon & Rye – Picture: Federica Stefani

by Tristan Stephenson

A guide to the production process, world whiskies, notable distilleries and some juicy cocktail recipes to end well with: this book is very comprehensive and a great companion to anyone looking to learn more about whisky (not only scotch).

This volume from The Curious Bartender series provides the right information for those who know the basics but want a bit more in-depth information on a variety of topics.

Great to keep for reference and with some really interesting trivia.

 30-Second Whisky


30-Second Whisky – Picture: Federica Stefani

By Charles Maclean

Bite-sized information, in a very easy-to-digest and flowing manual which gives you all the basics of whisky making, history, regulations, whisky from around the world and more. This work by one of the most revered whisky writers on the scene, Charles Maclean, is a fantastic book for anyone taking their first steps into whisky, or those passionate about it who want to go back and feel like kids in front of those beautifully illustrated school books. In its being compact, it’s full of useful information and details.

Everything You Need to Know About Whisky: (But are Too Afraid to Ask)


Everything you need to know about whisky (but are too afraid to ask) – Picture: Federica Stefani

By Nicholas Morgan

A book that doesn’t only present some interesting insights into the whisky industry, but also sets off as a start for discussions around it. In its very modern approach, Nicholas Morgan’s work is full of insider tips. A very interesting read and a refreshing look at how whisky is marketed.

 Iconic Whisky: Tasting Notes and Flavour Charts for 1,000 of the World’s Best Whiskies


Iconic Whisky – Picture: Federica Stefani

By Cyrille Mald and Alexandre Vingtier

My first ever whisky book, which I acquired at a whisky festival in Italy, is just fantastic to lure you into the magic world of tasting notes. If you want to work towards developing your flavour palette, this book is for you.  With over a thousand tasting notes, plus suggestions, the book is a fantastic way to build on your vocabulary and nose. Also very useful as a reference if you are looking to try new whiskies.

Finally, there are hundreds of books that we could recommend, but those described above are a great starting point. If you fancy learning more about whisky in the practice, come and join us for one of our Virtual Tastings you can enjoy from home. Alternatively, if you are planning a visit to Glasgow or Edinburgh come and join us in one of our ‘walking whisky tours‘ featuring the best whisky bars in each city.



Federica Stefani
Whisky Writer & Jornalist