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How to Become a Scotch Whisky Expert?

Scotch Whisky Expert

First, let me clarify that this article encourages you to continue expanding your knowledge in the world of whisky regardless of your level of appreciation. It is also important to say that becoming an expert in any field requires time, dedication, and passion.

In the following article, I don’t pretend to say that after taking this course, you will become an expert in the field. My idea is to encourage you to continue learning about this fascinating industry so, hopefully, one day; the public will grant you the cherished title of ‘Whisky Expert’. Let’s begin!

Certificate in Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky Expert

Foto: Edinburgh Whisky Academy

As a whisky enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to explore every aspect of this legendary drink. Every day is an opportunity to discover more information related to its process, the industry, the business, and exciting releases from distilleries and bottlers alike.

In Once Upon a Whisky, we love stories, especially regarding whisky education. I want to introduce you to the Edinburgh Whisky Academy in this blog post. An online whisky academy dedicated to passing on whisky education among enthusiasts, connoisseurs or whoever wants to learn more about the Scottish national drink.

The certificate in Scotch whisky will take you through a journey full of valuable and accurate information divided into eight chapters. On average, each chapter lasts around 60 minutes. However, you can always save your progress and continue later. The chapters are divided into the following topics:

  1. History: The beginnings of the water of life, how, where and why everything started.
  2. The Whisky Business: Laws, regulations, problems and exiting developments.
  3. Ingredients: A deep look into the main ingredients used in producing the water of life.
  4. Production Process: malting, grinding, mashing and fermentation.
  5. Distillation: How distillation affects flavour and the main factors influencing the distillery’s profile.
  6. Maturation: The magic of wood, time, and the angels share (our favourite topic).
  7. Bottling: Filtration, colouring, alcohol, and bottling plants.
  8. Single Grain and Blended Whiskies: The art and science behind master blenders.

Moreover, this certificate gives you access to many details and accurate facts about the industry we all love. It is a very interactive platform that displays pictures, videos, diagrams, maps and infographics.

After each chapter, you will have the chance to test what you have just learned in a mini-test that you can take as many times as you like to ensure you’ve got the most relevant ideas for each section.

Whisky: A Story About Scotland

Scotch Whisky Expert

Photo: Edinburgh Whisky Academy

As a Colombian living in Scotland, I’m confident that one of the best ways to learn about other countries’ cultures and people is through their food and drink offerings. Fortunately, Scotch whisky is now a global phenomenon enjoyed by millions worldwide. Today, it’s unnecessary to come to Scotland regarding whisky enjoyment and appreciation. Thanks to the internet, you can even learn about whisky without moving from that cosy sofa at home.

Whether for career goals or fun, this certificate will give you the tools you need to enhance your whisky experience, not to mention your storytelling skills about a drink that awakens passions that go beyond the imagination. As we like to say during our tastings and tours, whisky is more than just an alcoholic drink. It is a cultural lifestyle that brings people together.

What are you going to learn?

Scotch Whisky Expert

Photo: Edinburgh Whisky Academy

As mentioned, the certificate will guide you through 8 chapters, mainly on the production process. If you visit a distillery, their tours usually last around 45 minutes. You can see how whisky is made, but you won’t have the chance to go in-depth on every aspect of the process. As you can imagine, whisky information is abundant. There’s no way to cover each topic rigorously during a 45-minute tour.

Furthermore, you will learn about the regulations associated with Scotch whisky and its relevance to the Scottish economy. They will also show you how every step in the process contributes to the creation of flavour and how each decision influences whisky’s organoleptic characteristics in one way or another.

Scotch Whisky Expert

Photo: Edinburgh Whisky Academy

Distillation and maturation are the most fascinating topics you will study during the course. On the one hand, you will learn how simple changes in the Pot Still shape significantly impact the outcome of whisky. On the other hand, you will discover how toasting, charring, and other liquids previously held in the cask will play a scientific (almost magical) role in flavour creation. Let the experts at Edinburgh Whisky Academy tell you everything about it through examples and interactive experiments.

There is an assessment at the end for those who want to test themselves on the knowledge they’ve learnt. There is a guide marker of 60% or more, which is what candidates should aim to achieve, but irrespective of your score, all candidates will receive a Certificate of completion.


Scotch Whisky Expert

Photo: Edinburgh Whisky Academy

If you are passionate/curious about whisky or if you want to take your whisky knowledge up to the next level, this course is not to be missed. Whether for fun or because you like to start your journey to become a Scotch whisky expert, The Edinburgh Whisky Academy won’t disappoint you.

Finally, I managed to get a wee discount directly from the academy to offer to all our readers and customers. Join today and get a 10% discount* using the code ‘ONCEUPON2021‘ at the checkout.

*This discount is thanks to our partnership with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy. If you decide to take the course, you will support us too. Therefore, if you have questions about the course, please get in touch with me, and I’ll be delighted to share my experience with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Slàinte mhath!