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Whisky Posters: The Movie Collection


Whisky Posters: The Movie Collection

In Once Upon a Whisky, we truly believe that whisky appreciation goes beyond the liquid itself. Part of our goal as whisky enthusiasts and educators is to share our passion for whisky from different perspectives. Please, allow me to introduce you to our most recent development. A set of 5 beautiful Whisky Posters: The Movie Collection.

World Whisky Day is approaching fast and we are very much excited to have the chance to join you on a virtual whisky tasting. Even though we are going to raise our glasses and give a toast with you all (as usual) but from the comfort of our own home. This year, we have decided to approach World Whisky Day from a slightly different perspective.

Today, we want to take advantage of such a special month and share with you, two of our greatest passions: Whisky and movies. A collection of 5 whisky posters inspired by 5 iconic, legendary and hilarious movies that we recommend even if you are not a whisky fan. So, let’s start!

The Shinning

  • Director: Stanley Kubrick
  • Year: 1980
  • Whiskey: Jack Daniel’s – Tennessee Whiskey
  • Whiskey Quote: “Hair of the Dog that bit me, Lloyd”


One of Kubrick’s masterpieces, a classic of classics and a reference for filmmakers, actors and the critic alike. Not only a disturbing story but also, a very controversial one. The Shinning, a work of art that needs no introduction.

The whiskey featured in the famous scene at the hotel’s bar is Jack Daniels Old No 7. Here Mr Torrance (Jack Nicholson) asked Lloyd (The bartender) to pour him a shot of the “hair of the dog that bit me”. Enthusiastically, Lloyd replied “Bourbon on the rocks it is”.

The curious fact is that Jack Daniels isn’t exactly a Bourbon, but a Tennessee whiskey. So, what’s the difference? Apart from being distilled in the State of Tennessee USA, the new make spirit must be filtered through a thick layer of maple charcoal before it is put into new charred oak barrels for ageing. This extra step in the production process is well known as “The Lincoln County Process”.

I’m wondering if Kubrick chose Jack Daniels for a reason or he just used whatever was available at the bar. Probably his favourite whiskey? Taking into consideration all the mysticism around the film, I wouldn’t be surprised to know there’s a creepy story involved.

I think this is a question that we’ll never know the answer to.

You can watch the featured scene here

Lost in Translation

  • Director: Sofia Coppola
  • Year: 2003
  • Whisky: Hibiki 17-year-old (Suntory)
  • Whisky Quote: “For relaxing times, make it Suntory Time”


Another legendary film featuring another legendary dram. This time Bob Harris (Bill Murray) immerse himself on a self-discovery journey across the Japanese culture. Broken relationships, communication problems, and of course, whisky, are the main ingredients on the table.

Quite recently, the Japanese whisky industry opted to implement strict regulations on the production of whisky. Even though Japanese whisky has been one of the most sought-after whiskies in the world (not to mention expensive). The industry itself was a bit out of control. Until 2021, there was not a precise definition of what Japanese whisky actually meant.

As you can imagine, the lack of a legal definition, caused a lot of misunderstandings and confusions. In fact, many “Japanese whisky makers” took advantage of this by buying whiskies elsewhere and bottling them as “Japanese whisky”. A very nasty and corrupted practice from a multimillionaire industry in the land of the rising sun. Quite shocking to be honest.

Nevertheless, Hibiki 17 is indeed an authentic Japanese whisky and a wonderful dram too. Sadly, it was discontinued a few years ago and today is one of the most collectable Japanese whiskies on earth. If you are lucky enough to have a bottle of Hibiki among your beauties, please, give it the care and appreciation it deserves. For relaxing times…

You can watch the featured scene here


  • Director: Adam McKay
  • Year: 2004
  • Whisky: The Glenlivet (Probably)
  • Whisky Quote: “I love Scotch. Scotchy Scotch Scotch”


As hilarious as nonsense, Ron Burgundy loves Scotch as much as we do. Even though it is unknown which one is his favourite whisky. Our best guess is The Glenlivet 12-year-old.

The Glenlivet is one of the oldest legal distilleries in Scotland. A Speyside single malt, that perfectly represents the traditional flavour profile of the region where it belongs. A great introductory whisky for a non-whisky drinker.

A light and delicate dram full of floral and fruity characteristics. The Glenlivet is also widely available in the US. Whether the 12, 15 or 18, please, make sure to enjoy it as Ron Burgundy does with a little pepper and some cheese.

You can watch the featured scene here

Inglorious Basterds

  • Director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Year: 2009
  • Whisky: A 33-year-old Highland Scotch
  • Whisky Quote: “There’s a special rung in hell for people who waste good Scotch”


Probably my favourite Tarantino’s film and even more when I discovered Scotch whisky was featured in one of the scenes. This time, Tarantino chose what seems to be a very special Scotch whisky from the highlands. Even though the whisky itself seems to be irrelevant in the movie, it ended up playing a very important role (one way or the other) by causing an unexpected plot twist.

With regards to the whisky, they only described it as a 33-year-old Highland whisky. Although it’s very likely to be Blended Scotch Whisky (and probably a fake brand), my best guesses for single malts are Dalmore, Glen Grant, Mortlach or Strathisla. All of them with proven records of having well-matured stock during WW2 and 30-year-old bottles available at that time.

If you managed to find out the answer to this dilemma, please let me know.

You can watch the featured scene here


  • Director: Sam Mendes
  • Year: 2012
  • Whisky: A 50-year-old Macallan 1962
  • Whisky Quote: “It’s a waste of good Scotch”


Last but not least, Skyfall. This poster was inspired by the 2012 James Bond’s film. The iconic scene we wanted to feature on this print is when a 50-year-old Macallan plays its role as Bond’s favourite drink. The single malt was distilled in 1962 and bottled in 2012. Coincidentally, the same year, Bond’s franchise was also celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Macallan, a whisky that needs no introduction. One of the finest and most prestigious single malts in the world. A symbol of Scottish craftsmanship, innovation and why not, marketing too. It’s not a secret that today, the drinks industry is a very competitive market and Macallan has positioned itself as the top-of-mind brand when it comes to luxury and status.

So far, the most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold was a 60-year-old Macallan 1926. The rare bottle was sold for a world record £1.5m at auction in London.

You can watch the featured scene here


It is quite interesting for me to know that whisky has played important roles in the film industry. As I always like to point out during the tours and events: Whisky is more than just an alcoholic drink. It is a cultural lifestyle that joins people together.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Is there any other film/whisky that must be included in this collection?

Either way, if you want to learn more about whisky or buy one of these beautiful prints, you can check all the details here.

Or join us on a virtual whisky tasting from home here.

We promise good fun, education, loads of curious facts, valuable information you would love to learn, and of course my friends, fantastic whisky you need to try.

Slàinte mhath!